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Over 20 years of industry experience! Help you save 30% labor cost and greatly improve production efficiency!

Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions Supplier

One-on-One service, clear your needs, free design, free testing of samples to meet your needs in all directions.

Reliable Quality

Reliable Quality 01

German imported accessories reduce machine failure rate!
Multiple tests during machine assembly to ensure stable quality!
Strict manufacturing technology, strict quality system, always in accordance with ISO9001 quality system production to ensure that the product has no defects.

Reliable products and certification

Reliable products and certification 02

Select brand accessories suppliers and control the quality from the source.
Skillful quality inspection technical team, every batch of products are fully tested.
Provide free proofing, samples can be customized to meet your needs in all directions.
The products have passed SGS, CE and other international environmental protection certifications, and meet the EU standards.

Provide overall packaging solutions

Provide overall packaging solutions 03

Engineers and technical teams with many years of industry experience provide professional and exclusive solutions
The technical team has an average experience of 12 years, which can refine the control needs
The products cover the selection requirements of different users and are committed to making customized application solutions
Customized products are delivered within 1-2 weeks, including de

Professional and timely after-sales service

Professional and timely after-sales service 04

One year warranty on internal parts of the product
Respond and propose solutions within 24 hours
Low-cost parts supply
Product Lifetime Service
We can provide on-site installation, commissioning and training services


FengTai is always at the cutting edge of Induction Heating Industry

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Realize unmanned operation, increase production efficiency by 40%, and reduce cost by 30%

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